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At Thermo Fisher Scientific, our mission to enable our customers to make the world healthier, cleaner and safer drives our commitment to sustainability. We aren’t just delivering products that serve the research needs of our customers, we are striving to develop them in a way that minimizes our use of natural resources and our impact on the environment.

We’d love to understand more about what is most important to your lab and organisation when it comes to energy savings and other sustainable lab practices so that we can serve you better. Take our 5 minute Sustainability Survey, and to say thank you the first 100 eligible customers to complete the survey will receive a FREE Refill Not Landfill Nalgene™ drink bottle. See below for full terms and conditions.

Lab Sustainability Survey

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Q1. What is your role type?

Other, please specify:

Q2. What type of work does your organisation do?

Other, please specify:

Q3. How much thought do you give to energy saving in your home?

Q4. How much thought do you give to energy saving in your lab?

Q5. When purchasing instrumentation and consumables for your lab what are the sustainability criteria you take into consideration?

1 - Not important 2 - Slightly important 3 - Moderately important 4 - Very Important 5 - Critical
Minimising waste
Using less hazardous materials
Energy efficiency
Sustainable/recyclable packaging
Sustainable disposal

Q6. Which types of equipment is relevant to your lab in terms of energy savings?

Other, please specify:

Q7. Does your organisation support a policy that allows greater investment in well-engineered sustainable lab equipment and consumables?


Q8. Does your lab have any particular techniques that you would like to share that allow you to increase sustainability and energy efficiency?

Q9. Do you prefer for your suppliers to consolidate your orders to reduce the carbon footprint impact of shipping?

Other, please specify:

Q10. Would you like our team to contact you to discuss free Lab Sustainability Seminars in your lab/department/facility?*

* Please note ability to present seminars may be dependent on availability of resources

Refill not landfill Nalgene™ Drink Bottle

Nalgene BottleThe first 100 eligible responses across Australia and New Zealand for our Sustainabilty Survey will receive a FREE Refill Not Landfill Nalgene™ drink bottle. See Terms and Conditions for full details.

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